The Orange Catholic Bible from Amazon.

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The Orange Catholic Bible from Amazon.

Postby Diego » 29 Aug 2016 22:01

I have a serious bitch, but at the same time not a bitch. I have read a great deal of the Orange Catholic Bible from Amazon. On the one hand, I am impressed that somebody, anybody, had the balls to write it. That did take cojones.

On the other hand, it is so awful, that they probably should have been arrested and shot for having done it! I exaggerate only slightly. It is NOTHING like the OC Bible should be from Dune. I mean, granted, there is only so much we know from FH himself in the Appendices to Dune, and what we know from the non-Canon, or quasi-Canon, since it did have a forward by FH, Dune Encyclopedia.

I am still glad I have a copy. It will probably be worth money some day, just because very few copies will ever be sold. I don't know if I shall ever get through reading the whole book. After all, the text was taken from books already in the public domain, and was simply taken without attribution. And it was self-published by an author or authors designating himself or themselves as "International Council on Interplanetary Religion". What the hell does that even mean? I found the website of the publishing site where you can self publish. I mean, cool, but, the book looks like a 576 page term paper with only occasional footnotes and no Works Cited Cited section. The author(s) do give a brief a list at the end of what's IN the book, but not where they got the material.

One cannot really understand WHY he/they didn't call himself/themselves the Commission of Ecumenical Translators, rather than the ridiculous name he/they did give himself/themselves. After all, given that no personal name is attached to the book, and it is self-published, there is no one that can possibly be sued. So why use the ridiculous designation?

Well, be that as it may, that is my current opinion and Bitch of the Day.

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Re: The Orange Catholic Bible from Amazon.

Postby Omphalos » 30 Aug 2016 09:41

It will never be worth anything, because nobody wants it.

Nobody had balls. Somebody was bored.

The publisher did it as a job for which it was paid. Not on spec.

You still got ripped off.