Contest Entry #9 (chanilover)

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Contest Entry #9 (chanilover)

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The giant worm slithered its way through the sand, loving the feel of the rough granules against its skin.

"Mmm, this feels nice," it thought to itself in its strange worm language, which may have had something to do with the pearl of wisdom of Leto contained within its consciousness.

Suddenly, the leviathan of the sands felt a dim, regular thumping sensation through the sand. Its animal instincts drove it forward towards the annoying sensation. Something had invaded its territory and it was time to deal with it in the only way the worm knew how. Kill. Especially if it could scare the crap out of casual bystanders at the same time. Yes, there's nothing like putting on a bit of a show, as Leto had always known.

The worm followed the thumping, driven half insane by the constant drumming through the sands. It came upon the disturbance, a delegation of Priests of the Church of the Divided God, disturbing the worm's slumber with the incessant drumming of a thumper.

The worm raised its front segments and gave a huge roar. The priests below looked up into the maws of red-hot death staring down at them.

The worm decided to play a little game with the puny humans on the sands below, who scurried about like frightened ants. There were several priests trying to run towards a waiting ornithopter. The worm slithered towards them and raised its body, bringing it down with full force on the insignificant specs of humanity below. The worm, and the pearl of Leto's consciousness within, chuckled in sick delight at the feel of crushed bones and organs from the squashed men underneath it, as blood spurted in all directions in satisfying splashes of red which stained the otherwise pristine sands.

Several priests were running for their lives, and turned around, their faces frozen in horror as the worm swallowed them whole.   "He he," chuckled Leto to himself, as he devoured the priests.  "What more fitting way to meet one's maker than to be translated in the Holy Guts of one's God?"
In blood-crazed delight, the worm turned to the remainder of the priests, some of whom had brought out a hose pipe from the ornithopter and began to squirt water at the worm. Blinding agony seared through its body as the water burned into its flesh. Enraged, the worm turned around and swished its tail at the hose pipe contingent, knocking them flying. In agony, the worm decided to finish the job off and allowed the remaining people a glimmer of hope as they reached the ornithopter and started the engines. As the craft lifted into the air, the worm reared up and swallowed it whole.

Mortally wounded, the worm scuttled off to the deep desert, knowing that it was about to die. The pearl of wisdom of Leto nagged away, semi-aware but fully pissed off at this turn of events. The worm decided to go out in style and headed for the distant city on the dusty horizon.

The air was moist and the ground damp as the worm approached the city, but it didn't care. It was too late to worry about a bit of dampness now that it knew it was dying. It reached Chapterhouse, where Murbella was having tea on a balcony with Duncan, with the Rabbi and all the gholas there as well. The remains of an army of face dancers lay scattered on the ground.
"Ah yes, the enemy of many faces which I warned them about.  Nice to see someone was paying attention to me for a change" he thought in his thoughts which were not quite thoughts.
Leto's consciousness recognised this scene from a prescient vision.  "Ah yes, the aftermath of Kralizec.   The humans think themselves victorious and the enemy defeated. Ah, such is not the way of the universe."

The worm  smashing through the ornamental wall surrounding the Keep which had only been repaired hours earlier.  The vibration caused the balcony to wobble, and all the humans, gholas and face dancers landed on the ground. They all stared in disbelief, and the last thing any of them felt was pain beyond imagining as the worm devoured them in its huge mouth.

Leto's consciousness chuckled to itself, as the worm's body began to dissolve from the excess water content.

Ah, Kralizec wasn't quite what people expected, and the Golden Path turned out to be a dead-end. Such caprice. Let the universe remember that I, Leto II who is Shai-Hulud, am the biggest bastard who ever lived.

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Re: Contest Entry #9 (chanilover)

Post by Eyes High »


I admit to being lost at first when I read this entry, but then I looked back at the title and it was clearer. :doh: :lol:

I hope some of the judges do comments for your's. And I also hope that you will write another one for the next contest.

Hugs and kisses my friend. Thanks for taking the time to do an entry.

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Re: Contest Entry #9 (chanilover)

Post by Tleszer »

I think I had the same "WTF" feeling that AToE talked about in the Contest Winners thread. I definitely laughed out loud with this one. Too strange! :lol:
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Re: Contest Entry #9 (chanilover)

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Now that I read it in the context of being comedic it's pretty awesome, it was just when I thought it was supposed to be serious (that didn't last long!) that I had the WTF moment!
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