Dune Metamorphasis

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Dune Metamorphasis

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First I want to say that I have never been one to write any kind of fan fiction nor do I consider Brian Herberts (power ranger)additions to Dune to be worthy contributions.

several years ago i was working on a completely unrelated and non-fiction project when late one night a compulsion to write this suddenlly came upon me. almost 30 pages of outlines, notes, and some fully fleshed out scenes were the result, if only my dictatel had broken,

It was a strange experience and the closest I can come to explaining it is that having read the entire dune series dozens of times, some books repeatedly as if studying for a test, that my subconscious mind created this and wanted out.

I had also read Brians' additions and they were incorporated as well. understand I did not sit down and decide to create this, it just started pouring out faster than I could write all in one night.

I never did anything with it, and of course the pc I was using eventually crashed and burned.

I recently sat down I wrote down what I remembered
I was intrigued by some of the ideas and I hope you guys are too.
this would be basically 'dune 9-11

Book 9:

Dune Metamorphasis

The book opened and ended with a solitary figure floating in space with his back to a massive no-ship. The figure, obviouslly, is Duncan Idaho.
Duncan, or the new changed Duncan, is having an internal Dialogue with Erasumas. Aparrentlly Erasumas has created a virtual world and is bringing back people from Dunes past. Duncan has not explored this world and is somewhat at odds with Erasumas about who is being brought back.
note* the reader only knows of the world through there conversation, and also the people within Erasumases virtual world are the real thing, not simulations.
two of the main charachters Duncan insists not be brought into Erasumases virtual world is Paul and his son Leto, Erasumas insists that he has not done so (Paul is in there), but Duncan is not so sure.
Besides the setting perviouslly set, another setting is visited as the book progesses.
Setting 2: Duncan Idaho(as he was before the merger with Erasumas), and Miles Teg are stranded on an uninhabited world. Duncan is continually exploring derilict runes in search of Murbella, while Miles is in a very small boat paddling around and casting a net trying to catch fish for there survival.

note* duncan never finds murbella as he searches the ruins.
The world being explored is slowlly discoverd by the reader to be yet another virtual world, only this one lies within the subconscious of the new Duncan Idaho.
Niether Duncans are aware of the other, yet there are hints that Erasumas may be aware and observing it.
Miles teg is slowlly discovered by the reader to be the actual real Miles teg, not a simulation within Duncans mind, instead Miles is hinted at to be being projected there from yet a 3rd virtual world yet to be revealed.
Its not clear how much is revealed to the reader, but the 3rd virtual world is created by all the sandworms on Dune and other worlds, which is were Miles Teg exists, along with everyone else the worms have ever consumed.
side note* The Death of Miles Teg Is introduced : the actuall particulars of Miles Teg Death on Dune have never been revealed, the reader is left to assume he died as a direct result of the bombardment by the Honered Matre.
Miles Teg alone on Dune facing countless enemy forces, once again does the unexpected. Unable to withstand the strain on his metabolism required to stay accelerated, dons a body shield. The result allows Miles to stay in his accelerated state without strain on his metabolism, He then moves so fast and over so much terrain, practically every worm on the planet frenzies! The enemy forces on Dune are obliterated by the worms, the worms also demolish everything even cities and keeps. Moments before the bombardment from space, Miles slows to normal and turns of the sheild to find himself surrouned by Sandworms( simialr to the scene when Paul awakens after drinking the water of life in the 1984 movie). Miles then walks into the open maw of a worm just as the planet is bombarded from space.
The books end:
Duncan floating in space just as he was in the begining, suddenlly a childs voice is heard softlly laughing, then duncan sees the boy in front of him laughing and pointing at him as if he were hallucinating (I see him sitting crosslegged and slightly hunched over). The child then speaks "You think you've seen Kralisec?" more laughter and pointing then he speaks again "Kralisec is yet to come!"
the boy of course is Leto, and Duncan knows this.
Duncan thinks the source of the Leto appiration is within Erasumases virtual
word, when in fact he comes from the virtual word created by the sandworms.
The ruins being explored by the "human" Duncan are alien ruins.
The net being cast by Miles signifies a message miles is trying to relay to duncan
Final scene:
Duncan turns and begins flying back to the ship commanding Erasumus simply "Send out probes!" Erasumas responds "send probes where?" Duncan replies "Everywhere!"
Small Spherical probes stream out of the ship in every direction as Erasumas asks " and what exactlly are we looking for?" Duncan holds a long pause and says one word......"Aliens."

Book Two
Dune "Un-named"

for this book I have very little detail, but this is what I remember:
first, it is a farther jump forward in time than in any of the previous books, instead of 3,000 years or so, millinea has passed, perhaps millions of years or more. During this Time Duncan and Erasumas have surveyed and catalouged the entire galaxy for all life forms, as well as colonized the galaxy with humans, sandworms, and robots.
while numerous spiecies are discovered, strangely no other intelligent life forms are discovered. A theory is put forth that perhaps only one intelligent species exists per galaxy.
Something incredible begins happing on dune planets everywhere, people start returning from the desert, figures from the past. these figures are covered in sandtrout, in fact the sand trout first link together to create a human form then grow into humans who walk out of the desert, at first all of the people are Leto, they also have the power he had after he bonded with the sand trout in "children of dune" later others start returning, including Paul, Chani, and Miles Teg until there are Armies of them.
End of Book 2:
It is realized that our galaxy and the Andromida Galaxy are about to collide and everything that has happened has been prepairing for it. Chances are the Andromida Galaxy has been prepairing too.
note* I dont know who all gets brought back, I havent forseen it, But I would hope that Duncan finds his Murbella.

Book 3:
Dune "Kralisec"

Im drawing a blank on what I had originally written, but if Ill update if I do.

also in the first book there were scenes with Pual and Chani.
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