Dune X - alternative reality presequel

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Dune X - alternative reality presequel

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Leto Atreides in his ixian-made shuttle stylized for a glossy bordeaux red 10174 Cadillac Eldorado slowly descended from a guild heighliner. Below the cloudy atmosphere there was Wallach XXX - the planet with Da Sistahood central. The finest place to buy new fresh adepts from their brothel school. He guided his ship towards the spaceport in Bitch City where he had a appointment with Madam Helen Mohiam. He wanted to see what new fresh stock of asses she could find for him.

Leto Atreides aka „The Duke” was one of the classiest pimps in the empire. He was descended from a family with long pimping traditions going back as far as to Ancient Terra. He always stayed true to values that his father – Paulus aka „The Old Long Duke” Atreides told him.

First rule was to have style – being a pimp was not a simple profession, it was a lifestyle. His gently greased perm stylized as a tall pompadour, golden grills covering his 16 front teeth signing DUKELETO in the upper and ATREIDES in the lower jaw, rainbow fur coat from exotic Caladan birds, silk red suit, sharkskin platform shoes and a cane made from ekaz mistwood with a huge hagal quartz jewel on top – everything was meaning business and epitome of good pimping taste.

Second rule was to go with the style – he looked around cozy interior of his space shuttle covered in red shag with rows of tiny changing colors OLED lamps, champagne coolers and impressive system of 3D speakers specially tailored for his Eldorado by Ixian engineers. In the backrow he had two fine ladies as a company – one was a dark beauty from Hagal, ebony black skin and a ghetto booty to die for. Second was a lightly-skinned blonde with blue eyes and huge titties from Harmothep – he liked diversity.

Third rule was to stay clean – Leto had clients with very refined tastes that respected him because he was able to give them the best universe has to offer. No slave-girls, no drug-addicts, no underage-girls, cripples or retards. This was quick way for a big buck but Leto as his father Paulus before him always preferred „to be” than „to have”.

On the landing pad he saw two disgrunted people leaving Sistahood Central – both were overweight with one moving in a way resembling floating pair of tits in a pool. It was Vladimir Harkonnen aka „The Baron” - also known in his younger days as „Vlad the Impaler”, „Bad Vlad” and now just as „Fat Vlad”. Behind him like a big boulder shuffled his nephew – Glossu Harkonnen-Rabban aka „The Beast”.

He could only imagine what business Baron would be interested doing with Da Sistahood. Maybe one of his important clients or even himself contracted some mysterious veneral disease that only Sistahs would know about? No wonder – he dealt mostly with the cheapest, possibly STD-ridden whores in the universe thus abandoning pimp with a class way long ago, putting quantity above quality for easy money.

At least his father Dimitri was a honest pimp – affordable prices and the quality that went with it. Vlad on the other hand turned quality into the lowest of lows hiring the nastiest, dirtiest skanks from the giedian slave pits while turning the prices up. This generated enough profit to elevate Harkonnen family into highest pimpdom of the empire. But style cannot be bought – Duke concluded thinking that even with the whole money in the universe Vlad couldn't do anything about the lack of style of his inept nephew.

Rabban – mockingly called „the Beast” because of his tiny genitals and almost asexual stupidity, was in charge of Lankiveil on which there was very little for baron's nephew to spoil. Known also as the Pimp-Merch planet it exported tiger-whale fur coats, ice-gator shoes and inkvine wood canes. Leto thought that it was far below any pimp honor to deal directly with merchandise, and how low Harkonnen pimping ways fell from the time of his own father – „The Long Old Duke”.

They both rolled like two porcupines inside a 10150s style baby blue richesan Cadillac with silver grill and rims. Duke noticed that it's not a real Cadillac – only a cheap richesan knockoff probably taken from some old Lincoln Continental mark 2 mold. You can't buy style! Even if You think You did – he thought again.

Coming back to reality Madam Helen Mohiam came na showed him two of her finest appretiences – named Margot and Jessica. Names were not important to the Duke – he can always invent new ones for his stock. He oggled both – the blond called Margot seemed more sufficent for his tastes. Bigger tits were always the key factor of selecting his new batch and Margot had them. One called Jessica seemed more modest – although she had a fine lips capable of many indecent things and a round muscular buttocks to boot. It always seemed strange to him how males simply divided into three different simple preferences – those who like tits, those who liked asses and those who liked those other men. He knew tits were just fake asses – as human evolution came in motion and the weight of perception came from out behinds to our chests, breasts became only lowly substitute – without any real influence on actual sexual performance. He wanted to make test before he will select one of them.

He came behind Margot and slapped her ass. Suprisingly expecting an oily, loud slap he got only a quiet smack. Her ass didn't feel like it should – no bounce, no shake, no recoil. His hand just meld into her buttcheek like it was a soft pillow. How this be? For this isn't the ass I am looking for. This ass ain't right. Such a dissapointment! - he thought.

Jessica knew it was her time, the honor of Da Sistahood representing the best bitches in the universe depended on her.

„Show me Your ass!” - said Leto.

She bend her butt towards him. Duke took a large swing and then a thunderous loud clap echoed against the walls in the whole brothel. Her buttocks vibrated almost falling into a resonance after the powerful smack – the sight which was almost hypnotic. This is the true skill of Sistahood Bitch apprientence! - thought Mohiam.

His hand hurt almost to the point of burning – Jessica's ass was bouncy and juicy, completely unlike Margot's flabby behind. He was looking for something like this – she will be his new biggest asset in the Cala Bordello Palace on Caladan.

„Pack this bitch and send it to my palace by guild express! You done well Madam, I am fully pleased.” - said Leto to Mohiam.

„Pleasure is all mine” - Mohiam gently responded.

Unbeknowst to him, all went according to Mohiam plan. Margot purposely relaxed her ass muscles so Jessica could be chosen by Leto. Jessica could contract her gluteus maximus a four hundred times a minute vibrating her butt in frequencies that could hipnotize any male. Problem with Margot was that she couldn't bear children not this time, and not this man. Jessica was chosen because with her and Leto genetic makeup she could bear a daughter that will become the future mother of Uberpimp – the ruler of all pimps, conqueror of asses and pussies, something terryfing to Da Sistahood when unexpected, but under their command – the key for ruling the universe pimping business!
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Re: Dune X - alternative reality presequel

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:lol: And somehow, this still manages to be more consistent with Frank Herbert's novels than the KJA Prequels

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