Calling out Byron "the coward" Merritt

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I vote get it out of here. I see the "principle of it" in keeping it here, but it's just too distracting from this place's purpose. We haven't had any productive conversation since this started, and while it is amusing I'd rather talk about Dune. IMO.
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Mandy wrote:Byron only comes here to cause trouble, I don't see the difference between him and Hypatia or arnoldo.
The difference is, as far as I can tell, that with Byron its a knee-jerk thing. With Turd-Boy and Hyppo its what they are all about.

As to moving the thread, we would have to isolate all of the code and port that over to T(A)U, and that is too big a job. Within Jacurutu we can use the mod functions to move it.
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I like having Byron here regardless of his contribution because he is the official mouthpiece for the HLP and could be a valuable source of information if we can get past all this childishness.

BTW, if we want to point fingers for namecalling, KJA started it all by calling us Talifans.

So :P
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Freakzilla wrote:KJA started it all by calling us Talifans.
I was thinking that earlier, but decided not to mention it.

It's always nice to know that we're the ones who are "hateful folks who don't know how to fully interact with people." We compare the HLP and their products to McDonald's.

Their star author compares us to terrorists.

I'm glad we have that straight.
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Post by Mandy »

Haven't you guys been waiting for Byron to produce some valuable information for about 2 yrs now? I understand why he's not being banned though, he's FH's grandson afterall.
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SC wrote:(It's a carcrash, or trainwreck...ya gotta look a few times.)
And play with the bodies a bit before the cops show? :)
AToE wrote:Here here. (or is it Hear hear?).
Hear, hear!
loremaster wrote:does not EVER contribute productively (even orald manages about 1 in 10).
The wrongs they do me. :cry:
HoosierDaddy wrote:
bryanvdk wrote:fuck byron, fuck the HLP. may they burn on a pyre of their own books. :)
Now that I have absolutely no problem with.

Dracarys! :twisted:
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Serkanner wrote:
Lets just say that you last message after I was banned shows how you think about me ... so you are correct that I think you are a prick.
boo-freakidy-hoo. :roll:

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I vote for locking the thread, meaning that no more replies are allowed, and it would sink to the bottom of the threads' list. Moving the thread to another site is the same as deleting it IMO.

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Mandy wrote:Haven't you guys been waiting for Byron to produce some valuable information for about 2 yrs now? I understand why he's not being banned though, he's FH's grandson afterall.
Byron posting KJA and BH accomplishments is one of the funniest posts I've seen here. We would surely miss his style of humor if he wasn't around.

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Actually, we just need to start ignoring him, however much fun it is to get him riled up and frothing (you just know he gets those little spittle flecks at the corners of his mouth).

As I've pointed out before, he is essentially irrelevant.
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