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Chapter 58

Posted: 24 Jul 2008 13:25
by Freakzilla
By these acts Leto II removed himself from the evolutionary succession. He did
it with a deliberate cutting action, saying: "To be independent is to be
removed." Both twins saw beyond the needs of memory as a measuring process, that
is, a way of determining their distance from their human origins. But it was
left to Leto II to do the audacious thing, recognizing that a real creation is
independent of its creator. He refused to reenact the evolutionary sequence,
saying, "That, too, takes me farther and farther from humanity." He saw the
implications in this: that there can be no truly closed systems in life.

-The Holy Metamorphosis, by Harq al-Ada

Stilgar’s fugitive band has holed up in one of the new settlements abandoned after multiple attacks by the desert demon. The windtrap still functioned because there was much moisture in the air. There are an unusual number of animals about and unexplained dead worms have been seen, filling the Fremen with terror. Ghanima tells Harah that this place is strange and they should leave, but she says Stilgar is waiting to meet Buer Agarves here, brought under blindfold on Stilgars terms. Most of the new settlements had been abandoned and the Fremen were returning to the sietches and the old ways which Ghani says reflects what's happening in the empire. Ghanima doesn't like this upcoming meeting and tells Stiglar who tells her to go hunt sandtrout. Her ancestral memories rarely intrude on her now and when they do she can't remember who they're from.

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