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Chapter 53

Posted: 23 Jul 2008 11:38
by Freakzilla
Limits of survival are set by climate, those long drifts of change which a
generation may fail to notice. And it is the extremes of climate which set the
pattern. Lonely, finite humans may observe climatic provinces, fluctuations of
annual weather and, occasionally may observe such things as "This is a colder
year than I've ever known. " Such things are sensible. But humans are seldom
alerted to the shifting average through a great span of years. And it is
precisely in this alerting that humans learn how to survive on any planet. They
must learn climate.

-Arrakis, the Transformation, After Harq al-Ada

Alia sits in her nightgown on her bed reading reports, forty qanats smashed, surely the work of rebels. The frequency of storms is increasing too. She thinks it was a bad Idea to trust Namri. Gurney must be hiding out with his smuggler friends. Muriz and his reports of Leto's leap from the butte at Shuloch and striding dunetop to dunetop are hysterical. A Truthsayer confirmed Ghanima's belief that Leto was killed by the tigers. Farad'n has sent Sardaukar to help with the rebellion which she has used to shut down Shulloch and arrest know dissidents. She thinks Stilgar must be a closet rebel and contemplates arresting him but the Baron's persona in her head advises against it. He asks her to summon Buer Agarves for a fling but she refuses. The Baron responds by giving her a headache but stops when she treatens to take a sedative.

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