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Chapter 47

Posted: 03 Jul 2008 11:09
by Freakzilla
This rocky shrine to the skull of a ruler grants no prayers. It has become the
grave of lamentations. Only the wind hears the voice of this place. The cries of
night creatures and the passing wonder of two moons, all say his day has ended.
No more supplicants come. The visitors have gone from the feast. How bare the
pathway down this mountain.

-Lines at the Shrine of an Atreides Duke, Anon.

The answer is simple to Leto, he needs to do what has not been seen in a vision. He knows the danger of being trapped by the future. Nowhere had he seen a vision of himself running from Jacurutu so that’s what he does, begining by cutting the thread to Sabiha. First He decides to go South, which Gurney will expect him to do, but he sees the storm coming and that complicates things. He wonders how many threads he can cut before the storm, he has to keep side-stepping his visions and one way or another he will meet with his father. He calls a worm and heads towards the storm all night long. When he meets the storm, he releases the exhausted worm, burrows into the loose sand stirred up by the worm’s passage with the compaction tool and inflates the stilltent form his fremkit. If the storm doesn’t expose him he might survive. Before he goes into a dormancy trance to conserve air, his last thoughts are that he must sever all paths to the future except for the Golden Path. That or not return at all.

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