Chapter 50

    Book Three in the Dune Chronicles

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Chapter 50

Postby Freakzilla » 29 Jun 2012 14:35

The future of prescience cannot always be locked into the rules of the past. The
threads of existence tangle according to many unknown laws. Prescient future
insists on its own rules. It will not conform to the ordering of the Zensunni
nor to the ordering of science. Prescience builds a relative integrity. It
demands the work of this instant, always warning that you cannot weave every
thread into the fabric of the past.

-Kalima: The Words of Muad'Dib, The Shuloch Commentary

Muriz flies them into Schuloch. In the butte's center there is a pan ringed with canyons, each one containing a worm trappend in the canyon by a qanat filled with water and sandtrout. They are selling worms and sandtrout offworld at Paul's suggestion. Leto is led into a crude hut and inside is Sabiha, who has been cast out of Jacurutu, who bolts out the door and takes off running. Leto goes out to talk to her where she stands at the edge of a qanat, muriz right behind. She has been sent here to die for letting Leto escape. He tells them he has followed her here to find his future and begins to cry. They are awed by this. He tells Muriz to pray for Kralizec and promises him it will come.
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