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Foldspace navigator(in protein structures)

Posted: 09 Aug 2009 12:12
by lotek
searched the google for some info on Navigators with the terms "foldspace navigator" and on e of the links led me to this site" onclick=";return false;
Protein Structure Classification

* qCOPS and Fold Space Navigator

Quantitative classification of protein structures, efficient navigation through fold space and instantaneous visualization of pairwise structure similarities.
"pairwise structure similarities"?
"efficient navigation through foldspace"?

it is just me or does it sound really familiar??

feel free to mock the conspiracy streak if need be :)

Re: Foldspace navigator(in protein structures)

Posted: 10 Aug 2009 04:16
by loremaster
Hahaha. Nice.

Just for clarification, protein "Fold Space" is, if i remember, a sort of pun on the concept of "phase space". It is a way of expressing all the many ways proteins do and do not fold (as in, peptide chains bending to come into contact and form different shapes, NOT bending spacetime). It is i think supposed to be of some practical use in tracking the common ancestry of proteins, as well as grouping them, and understanding protein post-translational modifications. It includes things like formation of chains, and sheets, particular configuration of protein domains and their folding. It's also useful for identifying mis-folding proteins, and observing particular sequences important in producing certain folds (e.g. we need a Methionine in position 3....., cysteine in position 8 etc)

Re: Foldspace navigator(in protein structures)

Posted: 10 Aug 2009 08:28
by lotek
I'll have to read that again I think :)

but thanks for the summary though :cylon101: