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    they picked edric?!?!

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    they picked edric?!?!

    Postby distrans » 19 Jan 2018 01:14

    their existence actively threatened and they choose that their best interests are serviced by a representative obviously subservient to the tleilax and the gesserit?

    why did the guild choose edric for this?

    why are their only 9 threads about the guild here?
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    Re: they picked edric?!?!

    Postby Freakzilla » 19 Jan 2018 11:40

    I assume you're referring to the cabal against Paul in Dune Messiah. Why not Edric?

    There probably aren't many topics on the Guild because they remain largely mysterious in the books.
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    Re: they picked edric?!?!

    Postby georgiedenbro » 19 Jan 2018 12:38

    They needed an oracle to obscure the conspiracy, so it most likely follows that Edric is the most accomplished oracle they could afford. What he seems to sometimes lack in being quick on the uptake he mostly likely makes up for in being a really good cloaking device. I don't see him as being subservient, so much as willing to let others do the thinking at times when it will obtain him the desired result anyhow. I imagine that the Guild was pretty desperate at this point, so if that meant temporarily letting the BG and BT have a strong say in affairs they would accept it.

    I agree with Freak, and think that the reason there isn't much to write about them is because there isn't all that much to them in general. They are pretty straightforward, and what Paul describes about them in Dune appears to be most of what there is to say on the matter: they are very control-oriented, logical, and efficient at balancing forces to make outcomes predictable. Once you know they desire predictability it seems to me that you know about as much about them as you need to. They are stuck in the pursuit of that goal, to a fault.
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