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    Were the Harkonnens evil compared to other Great Houses?

      The Great Houses which comprise the governing body of the Empire

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    Were the Harkonnens evil compared to other Great Houses?

    Postby Harkonnen Historian » 15 Feb 2018 20:13

    "I have oftimes met your treachery and this all men know."

    Duke Leto and the commentaries by the Princess Irulan would have us believe the Harkonnens were the only real darkness in the universe that Muad'Dib had to face aside from the Imperial House that used their ambition. Our lack of seeing other houses in detail makes it easy to assume House Harkonnen is the only one capable of the things we'd call evil that they did: Slavery, gladiatorial arenas meant to have victims drugged to die slowly of poisoning, and of course their masterful depth of treachey.

    Despite that, the slave gladiatorial combat had frequent spectators and several houses minor attended without a hint of moral outrage at the idea of people as property executed for their amusement. Is there any evidence that other houses were any less prone to Harkonnen degrees of cruelty? Leto had no real support despite praise from other Houses, after all, but House Harkonnen had their allies and the Jihad of Muad'Dib wouldn't have so many worlds to depopulate if the Baron was the only leader practicing such methods that violated Paul's "Sense of rightness"
    "Morality must always be weighed against practicality."
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    Re: Were the Harkonnens evil compared to other Great Houses?

    Postby Serkanner » 16 Feb 2018 09:56

    Paulus Atreides, Leto's grandfather, was killed by a bull in an arena. This type of entertainment wasn't only a Harkonnen thing.
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    Re: Were the Harkonnens evil compared to other Great Houses?

    Postby distrans » 17 Mar 2018 01:49

    I think that the empires feudal organization speaks to a populous which was accepting of inhumanities intolerable today

    its a good question who it was that determined to fight the advance of pauls hordes
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