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    Re: Imprinting

    Postby Seraphan » 27 Oct 2009 16:03

    nampigai wrote:*edit
    in HoD (it's been years so sorry if I'm wrong) - but isn't there something of FD's returning that even the Tleilaxu Masters are affraid of and didn't trust? Perhaps they evolved?

    Yes, because they had spent so much time away from Bene Tleilax, the Tleilaxu in the Old Empire were reticent to trust them.
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    Re: Imprinting

    Postby Redstar » 27 Oct 2009 16:05

    SandChigger wrote:Doesn't the fact that Lucilla suspects her of being a Face Dancer indicate that what she has done something that Lucilla herself could not do?

    Specialized BG?
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    Re: Imprinting

    Postby Kensai » 27 Jun 2010 15:48

    LOL remember being on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico and seeing a woman who had the most unaurally large tits and her husband sunbathing. When she laid on her back they were like freaking sand castles. I remember thinking "who's birthday preasent was that then? Her or his?"
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    Re: Imprinting

    Postby chanilover » 27 Jun 2010 17:29

    A group of us went on holiday a while ago and one of the girls has massive tits. She was sunbathing topless lying on her stomach and when she got up she's left two giant craters in the sand. Anyway, her tits were horrible.
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