imperialism 3.0

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imperialism 3.0

Postby distrans » 23 Jan 2013 03:16

lets catch up...

everyone with ships packs em with shiny beads and AND guns, and sailed wherever the fuck they could destabilize local market systems with their bling

and guns

skip ahead

the travesty these destabilization created drove righteous resistences to such powerful extent that the bad guys finally said uncles! we will give you what you want; that is if its nations like WE your conquerors have. and that is if it they follows the map lines we have drawn to divide you into pieces on the map AND if their structure is predicated on submission to the ideology that the conqueror is the superior form

[ lines which quite purposefully were drawn to bisect dense indigenous groupings and the most valuable resources occurance, btw ]

not really saying uncle; more of a wicked unchristlike deceptions they got away with cuz it got lost in translation...

skip ahead

ok, we the line drawers who originally raped the whole lot of you; ya, we got it wrong. so! time to cut all those nations we gave you into pieces, soas to make peace by finishing the destroying of any of you indians left... and exporting those valuable minerals and what else have you,

as cheaply as 10 year old boys mining gold will sell you their sisters for an hour

that doesnt miss anything does it?