Obama-Joker Poster Denounced as Racist

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Re: Obama-Joker Poster Denounced as Racist

Postby SandRider » 29 Mar 2011 18:59

I accidentally the Federal President's Speech last night
in a bar, why the TeeVee weren't on bassaball, IDK

sat there slack-jawed for a moment;
deja-vu ? too many youtube conspiracy videos ?

BHO was saying the exact same words about Libya
LBJ had said about Viet Nam in 1964 ....
just before the Gulf of Tonkin ...
................ I exist only to amuse myself ................

I personally feel that this message board, Jacurutu, is full of hateful folks who don't know
how to fully interact with people.
~ "Spice Grandson" (Bryon Merrit) 08 June 2008