who is how religious?

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who is how religious?

Postby Captain_Cackwurst » 07 Jun 2015 14:54


so during the whole series i was wondering whether the main characters where actually religious or not. So the common man in the duniverse seems to be somewhat religious (which, i guess, comes from the antitechnocratic habit, general stagnation everywhere and being exploited to the max by the upper classes), whilst i guess the nobility is pretty vanitious and occasionally get into religion when they need it (ye this is pretty speculated).

What about Paul? He often speaks so apatheistic that i in the beginning doubted he had anything to do with god, but then ocassionally he would drop the word "god" in one of his aphorisms. Not to forget he gets a OK-Bible from Yueh, which shows that both have some relationship with religion.

What about the BG? Jessica never seemed religious, yet Yuehs wife (forgot her weirdo name) actually read the OK-Bible. The PM is a tool to exploit and control religious people, and i don't remember any BG ever speaking about god, theirfore they seem relatively apatheistic to me. Or maybe they have just some abstract relationship with it, since they aknowledge it to give power to people (which i interpreted as 'strengthening' hopeless people), so they may even 'accept' it for themselves and decide to sometimes be religious, like half an hour a week or so, so they won't get depressed from the honored matress (HM, isn't it? i think i've wrongly referred to them as GM) killing all their friends.

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Re: who is how religious?

Postby georgiedenbro » 07 Jun 2015 18:30

Dune: Appendix II wrote:2. The Bene Gesserit, who privately denied they were a religious order, but
who operated behind an almost impenetrable screen of ritual mysticism, and whose
training, whose symbolism, organization, and internal teaching methods were
almost wholly religious;
3. The agnostic ruling class (including the Guild) for whom religion was a
kind of puppet show to amuse the populace and keep it docile, and who believed
essentially that all phenomena -- even religious phenomena -- could be reduced
to mechanical explanations;