Internet hits on "Frank Herbert", Vol. 2

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Internet hits on "Frank Herbert", Vol. 2

Postby Spicelon » 19 Jun 2008 13:58 ... sychology/

Some pretty interesting comments about FH mixed in with a lot of discussion
about everybody's favorite religeous scifi wacko, L-Ron.

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Postby Serkanner » 19 Jun 2008 16:24

1) Confusion Technique: By using language in ways that defies normal logic, grammar, and probably associations, he can communicate an idea with great difficulty, but on purpose. This leaves the mind frazzled, and weakens any resistance to further ideas. As such, then he can make simpler statements that, although they contain logical fallacies, the sudden drop in the stress of having to understand them produces a temporary euphoria, thus creating a conscious/unconscious proof that the fallacious argument is right.

2) Word clearing: This is an insidious practice. Notice how if you say the word “banana” 300 times you will suddenly forget what a bannana is? It doesn’t even sound like a word? L. Ron uses that to anchor a word with a completely different meaning, creating an anchor between the unconscious original meaning and the conscious new meaning. L. Ron uses the word “bank” to describe a negative aspect of the unconscious mind. With enough associations, it becomes easy to clear one’s bank, ie, write checks to Scientology.

3) Stress Induced Euphoria: The purpose of the audit is to be so mentally and stressfully painful as you are trying to hide information from complete strangers as well as make sense of nonsensical questions, that, when you are done with this long and tedious process, you feel a euphoria of endorphins. This creates the illusion that the technique worked.

4) Going exterior: Going exterior is actually a real exercise. However, it is used for sinister purposes. What he is talking about is what NLP refers to as “uptime”, when you are so concentrating on the outside environment, you temporarily shut off your “internal environment” of thoughts, feelings, doubts, etc. The Yaqui Indians referred to this as Second Attention. Also, exercises performed in uptime that are contrary to the conscious mind or its “continuity” will likely be forgotten. Getting someone into this state is hypnosis nirvana. Their unconscious mind is then an open book.

I read so much about KJA in this it is scary.
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