Sports of Dune!

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Sports of Dune!

Postby Demerzel » 10 May 2012 05:19

Throughout the series we were never given the viewpoint of any commoner. Obviously, for kids like Paul, Feyd-Rautha and Miles Teg (ghola), learning the art of fighting was sport enough. But what of the commoners? I'm sure there must have been some really interesting sports around, probably using the Holtzman effect to its potential :D. Shield Wrestling? Slow while moving in for the grapple, but firm with the grip! A whole bunch of ball games based on the repulsive effect of Holtzman generators! 'Triple jump', but all jumps must be done midair! Speculate!
When Paul was three I found him wearing lingerie I was planning to wear for my Duke. I asked him: "How can this be?" and he answered: "For I am the Kwisatz Haderach!" I was proud since these were the first words Paul ever spoke, but now I knew for certain that my Paul was a special boy. I brought him to Duncan's room while he was busy "training" a young maidservant in the Art of Sword-Handling. My Paul shall be the best! - Tleszer