GP - Necessary?

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Re: GP - Necessary?

Post by georgiedenbro »

distrans wrote:but unless im reading it wrong
the sisters had access to far more experiences and lifetimes than leto had

so many more lifetimes than they had access to going back and back it makes little of the males side he did have fall into irrelevancy...
No, you're wrong. RM's had access to their entire female line going back, Paul and Leto II (and Ghanima?) had access to all of their entire male and female ancestors. In addition to that, the oracle also sees the future, as well as 'the now', neither of which the BG can do (although there is some vague reference to some BG maybe having a bit of prescient power). Plus Paul and Leto II were mentats, so in addition to having more information they could also retain and process more information than any non-mentat BG.
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Re: GP - Necessary?

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not sure how to make the point plainer

but sisters had access to many many more times more experiences than just some KW had given access to the male side

if memories were what it takes the sisters would have owned any pauls or leto2
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