mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby AnEhforanEh » 30 Sep 2016 01:35

Oh well I'd read more, but hurry up as I'm 85 and you have a lot of time to cover until you get the people back to Earth were it all started.

Not sure how else to interpret this.

D Pope
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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby D Pope » 01 Oct 2016 11:29

AnEhforanEh wrote:
Oh well I'd read more, but hurry up as I'm 85 and you have a lot of time to cover until you get the people back to Earth were it all started.

Not sure how else to interpret this.

I was thinking this was a kid claiming to be older.
Sorry buddy, my mistake.
Leto II is gone for good, except for OM. The "pearl" was just that; a miniscule portion of what Leto was, and not a compressed version of the whole. The pearl that the worms have do not make them Leto, or in any way similar to him.

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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby AnEhforanEh » 02 Oct 2016 21:00

Hey, it Could be a kid. The nuDune scrambled his brain up something fierce. Took 70 years off his life...

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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby Sardaukar Capt » 04 Oct 2016 22:42

Did anyone see this Reddit AMA to coincide with the release of Narcissist of Dune ? ... n_authors/

They dodge every McDune question that happened to slip in.

Some interesting nuggets though.

This is the last book under contract, has TOR wised up? Considering it "debuted" #19 on the NYT Bestseller list then disappeared isn't a good showing.

Also, when asked about donating his notes to UC Fullerton they reply with "We have already published" remark, ie they will only release parts when it makes them money... or parts they claim as Frank's notes to be more precise. And yet BoBo is always trumpeting Frank's literary legacy. It's sick.

Finally they mention Leto II and the time before GEoD, so that looks like the next era they want to rape and exploit but sounds like TOR isn't interested, or TOR wants to give them less money than they want.

[–]apjak 40 points 15 days ago
Why aren't the Dune 7 notes now entrusted to the Frank Herbert archives at UC Fullerton?

[–]rolsskk 20 points 15 days ago
Any idea when the notes from Frank Herbert are going to be shared with the public?

[–]StoryBundleAuthorsAMA Author 0 points 15 days ago
We have already published some of the most relevant notes in THE ROAD TO DUNE, but there are more than a thousand pages of Frank Herbert's thoughts and ideas. We're still working with them for other projects in the Dune franchise, and it would not be appropriate to release any spoilers.

[–]Liopleurodon12 7 points 12 days ago
That's bullshit. All you two care about is milking the Dune name for your personal gain for as long as you can. Quantity over quality, that's how it is with you. I doubt that there ever were any notes, and even if you do, you are lying if you say that they have anything to do with the "ending" KJA dictated for Hunters and Sandworms, because it was awful. It nullified the Golden Path by making Duncan yet another absolute leader, which was what Frank was warning against. All the new Dune books are absolute fucking shit and you know it. You just don't care that they are shitting on the legacy of a literary genius. You are laughing all the way to the bank.

[–]clwestbrSlade House 4 points 15 days ago
Brian, Kevin, great that you guys are here!
Given where you've ended up with the series what further on the universe do you have in store in terms of new stories or characters to explore? And are we going to see the return of Leto ii again? Please?

[–]StoryBundleAuthorsAMA Author 3 points 15 days ago
Right now, we have a new short story, "Red Plague" that connects MENTATS OF DUNE and NAVIGATORS OF DUNE. That should be up on very shortly. We also have another Dune story for a SF anthology due next year. Other than that, we don't have anything locked in, although Leto II is always a fascinating character.

[–]Zaptagious 3 points 15 days ago
Hello Brian and Kevin! Thank you both so much for doing this! I was wondering, which direction would you personally want the Dune franchise to take to reach out to a wider audience, beyond books? Like movies, TV shows, games, comics etc. Dune is such a rich franchise with so much to offer, it would be really incredible to see it on a different kind of format again, even though the books are amazing in and of themselves! Personally, I think a Game of Thrones themed TV series would really make the books the best justice.
Also, have you considered bridging the several millenia wide story gap between Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune? Are there any stories to be told during that period?
Kind regards // Mattias from Sweden

[–]StoryBundleAuthorsAMA Author 3 points 15 days ago
The Herbert family has had many long and detailed business meetings about the future of the Dune franchise. We fully realize that it can go in more directions, and we are considering many possibilities. We hope to have some significant news to share in the very near future.
As to the many year gap before God Emperor, we know there are a lot of stories to tell.

[–]lolzerker 2 points 15 days ago
Are there any planned books now that Navigators is published? If I recall, this was your last contracted novel.

[–]StoryBundleAuthorsAMA Author 2 points 15 days ago
This is the last novel under contract, but we are discussing ideas for Dune that go beyond just novels. It's a big universe.
The name Atreides was also consciously chosen. It is the family name of Agamemnon. Says Herbert, "I wanted a sense of monumental aristocracy, but with tragedy hanging over them--and in our culture, Agamemnon personifies that."
Frank Herbert by Tim O'Reilly

Ghanima said. "We Atreides go back to Agamemnon..."
Distracted, Irulan asked: "Who's Agamemnon?"

Children of Dune by Frank Herbert

WTF? A BG forgets the Titans?! :)

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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby AnEhforanEh » 04 Oct 2016 23:38

Not Dune related, but as one of the earliest and most foundational authors of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, how did you react when you learned about the continuity reset by Disney?

KJA: The Star Wars Expanded Universe was a huge history and I was pleased to contribute so much to it (54 projects, if my count is correct). But, so many things get a reboot, and I was very pleased to have new Star Wars films coming out. My novels, and all the "Legends" are still around...they have just been shunted to an alternate fictional universe.

Truer words have not been spoken.
And from the whorses own mouth.

BH: I was only 8-9 years old, but I read my father's THE DRAGON IN THE SEA—a signed hardcover copy, which he personalized to me expressing his hope that I would understand him.

Oh, my! Frank really was prescient!

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Re: mcdune- triumphant 2016 release

Postby xcalibur » 21 Oct 2016 22:12

I recently tried to read the amazon preview of "navigators of dune".

it's literally written at a YA middle school level. it pales in comparison to Harry Potter.
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