Amazon truth twisters

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Amazon truth twisters

Postby lotek » 28 Jan 2010 05:50

reading that Shaun Farrell interview I just posted, I click on the blunders of doon jpg and find myself on the Amazon page for it: ... pwritercom

I' a bit bored so I have a look and try to find comments from my fellow OHs, and I read this review quickly and feel uneasiness because it seems to be a good review, so I read it more carefully...

“One of the monuments of modern science fiction.”--Chicago Tribune on Dune

“I know nothing comparable to it except The Lord of the Rings.”--Sir Arthur C. Clarke on Dune

“A portrayal of an alien society more complete and deeply detailed than any other author in the field has managed . . . a story absorbing equally for its action and philosophical vistas. . . . An astonishing science fiction phenomenon.”--The Washington Post on Dune

“Powerful, convincing, and most ingenious.”--Robert A. Heinlein on Dune

Now what book are we talking about here exactly?
That is really a lame thing to do if on purpose, and a dumb thing to do if not :)

Considering this is supposed to be the PW's review, only the last sentence rings true:

From Publishers Weekly
After two prequel trilogies to the legendary SF epic (the Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune series), Frank Herbert's son Brian, in collaboration with Anderson, launch a new trilogy that takes up where Herbert Sr. left off with Chapterhouse: Dune (1985). This entertaining if over-the-top update begins three years after the refugee "no-ship," Ithaca, has fled Chapterhouse and the brutal Honored Matres, a corrupted faction of the all-female Bene Gesserit order led by Mother Commander Murbella. Duncan Idaho, Murbella's ex-love slave, guides the ship carrying reincarnated warrior Miles Teg, the dissident Rev. Mother Sheeana and 150 other refugees. While Murabella deals with violent rebels from within, another more sinister enemy... secretly infiltrates the Honored Matres... Herbert's ecological and religious concerns now seem oddly prescient, but this sizzling update, still filled with crazed women who sexually enslave men, sometimes borders on campy 1950s B-movie parody.
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Re: Amazon truth twisters

Postby Ziggy » 28 Jan 2010 06:56

Not uncommon for review snippets of previous works to appear on the cover of a new book by the same author for example but using critical praise for Frank's novel to sell KJA's books is ... well ... *suppressing rant* ... *trying REALLY hard here*

OK, think I'm good to carry on without popping any major blood vessels. Seriously though, can't they let KJA's books stand on their own merit (or lack of)? What does that say to the prospective reader? I'm sure they could just have easily quoted some of the shill reviews.
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Re: Amazon truth twisters

Postby inhuien » 28 Jan 2010 07:19

Ziggy wrote: I'm sure they could just have easily quoted some of the shill reviews.

They sure could have, however, iirc no one of any literary clout has a. commented on their abominations b. had anything complimentary to report about them. It's more of their typical hamfisted spinmongery.

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Re: Amazon truth twisters

Postby SandRider » 28 Jan 2010 11:39

those quotes are on the back of the dustjacket of the Berkeley Classics of Modern Literature
Special Market hardcover edition (September 2005) of Frank Herbert's Dune ....

I'm looking at it right now; when I read them above, I immediately recognized the Clarke quote
from the late sixties, then recalled seeing it on the new hardcover - pulled it from shelf, and
dayum ...
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