Barnes and Noble collectors edition

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Barnes and Noble collectors edition

Postby tenfingersofdoom » 09 Apr 2013 20:03

last sunday I went to barnes and noble to pick up ONE book when my eyes popped out of my skull and my heart skipped a beat. B&N has finally done a leatherbound classic edition of dune. the fremen on the spine reminded me of the illustrated edition so i began to hope it could be a reprint of that but it isnt. This book is sturdy, printed on thick sheets of paper with an embossed sandscape on the front cover, embossed sandworms on the back and a fremen on the spine. the cover is in gold, black and orange and the pages are gold leafed on the edges. I hope they release all 6 like this. my only real gripe is the font they used: DUNe, I hate that lower-case e.
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Re: Barnes and Noble collectors edition

Postby trang » 09 Apr 2013 21:26

Didn't know about this, very nice

B&N Webstore link: ... 1435140745

Just an article about the reprint. ... sued-dune/

Asking on the Facebook Dune Saga group if they know anything about this, I didnt see any announcement anywhere.

Thanks for the info:)
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Re: Barnes and Noble collectors edition

Postby Robspierre » 12 Apr 2013 20:06

Snagged myself a copy as well as The Foundation Trilogy.

I doubt we will see the rest of the novels by Frank.

The endpapers are by John Schoenherr and the embossing makes for a very striking cover.

It goes well with all of the leather hardcovers B&N puts out and $20 is a damn good price for a quality hardcover.


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Re: Barnes and Noble collectors edition

Postby ᴶᵛᵀᴬ » 25 Apr 2013 15:49

Some pics here

    Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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      Re: Barnes and Noble collectors edition

      Postby Eyes High » 05 May 2013 16:24

      They are beautiful!
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