Thou shalt not make a machine...

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Thou shalt not make a machine...

Postby lotek » 10 Jul 2014 05:41

... in the likeness of a journalist mind.

Through his company, Icon Group International, Parker produces many titles that are printed on demand, ranging from books on medicine to Indian bath mats.
He is the world’s most prolific author thanks to a series of computer algorithms he has developed that can automatically generate books, crossword puzzles and even poetry
It will use the Wordsmith platform, developed by US firm Automated Insights, to pump out 15 times more stories than can be done by journalists’ hands. The articles will be breakdowns of companies’ earning reports and will be up to 300 words long.
This is also the case put forward by AP: that leaving the data to the robots will give real reporters more time to do some digging and produce more meaningful analysis. The news agency insists no journalists will be fired. ... m-4792284/

Which reminded me of this
Silicon Muse (1984)
Hilbert Schenck

Schenck's other Analog story would provide a geometric means of analyzing this one, but that is not why it is listed here. The story is about a computer that can write fiction about a computer that can write fiction about.... One of the characters is a female math professor and chief of the Faculty Union and when she enters there is some witty repartee regarding whether faculty in the math department are likely to win awards, whether they speak English, and whether mathematicians working on cryptography are ethical. This exchange is the only direct mathematical content in this science fiction story which presents a very dark view of academia.

Appeared in Analog magazine, September 1984.

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