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Postby Tyrant » 23 Apr 2008 00:53

HoosierDaddy wrote:This video describes Jay and Silent Bob better than anything I know (NSFW language warning):


lol..nice...but they actually did miss quite a few "fucks" from the flick...god i love that movie...clerks 2 was pretty damn good too....i think dogma is my favorite kevin smith movie though
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Postby orald » 23 Apr 2008 06:06

Dogma was good. :lol:

I love how the angels freak out on people. :twisted:
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Postby Freakzilla » 23 Apr 2008 06:22

I thought Chasing Amy was Kevin Smith's best. Clerks was probably his funniest.

37... :o
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Postby HoosierDaddy » 23 Apr 2008 16:48

Freakzilla wrote:I thought Chasing Amy was Kevin Smith's best. Clerks was probably his funniest.

37... :o

I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't watched the movies yet, I just like the avatar. :oops:

The video clips are hilarious. Some day I'll Netflix them bad boys..

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Postby GamePlayer » 23 Apr 2008 19:22

Smith is not something I find entertaining. Though if I had to choose a best Smith film, it would be Clerks.

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