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    Frank Herbert's journalism writings in Santaroga

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    Re: Frank Herbert's journalism writings in Santaroga

    Postby SpiceMustFlow » 10 Aug 2014 20:01

    So far, my research has uncovered 138 "new" articles written "by Frank Herbert."

    I even found a picture of 2-year-old Brain Herbert looking into a jack-o-lantern, taken by Frank Herbert himself:
    http://erikjorgensenphotos.blogspot.com ... rbert.html

    You can follow my research effort on Twitter @FHerbertLostArc

    I have found several articles that foreshadow characters or elements in "Dune."
    - "The Voice"
    - Navigators folding time and space
    - Baron Harkonnen's anti-gravity suspensors
    - and more...
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