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    Postby walker in eternity » 02 Jul 2012 07:49

    Hi I'm Walker in Eternity. I have been a Dune fan since the 1980s, but only just found this website.

    I love the original Dune series and am currently re-reading them, with older eyes it looks like Herbert was curiously prescient on the topics of climate change and religious fundamentalism. Sadly his ability does not seem to have passed to his son or by association Kevin Anderson.

    Hope to be around for a while and look forward to getting to know as many fellow readers as possible.


    walker in eternity
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby lotek » 02 Jul 2012 08:11

    welcome twice welcome.

    As for anything Dune being transmitted to brian or the hack, well they have proven countless times that they're not capable of understanding more than Dune has a lot of sand and it's very hot.
    Spice is the worm's gonads.
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby Tleszer » 02 Jul 2012 11:18

    Welcome :orcs-buttshake:
    DUNE, as interpreted by a blue man with a green tushie
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby Nekhrun » 02 Jul 2012 16:40

    "If he was here to discuss Dune, he sure as hell picked a dumb way to do it." -Omphalos :character-cookiemonster:

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! -James C. Harwood

    "Three of my videos have over 100 views."
    "Over 500 views for my 'Open Question' video." -Nebiros
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    Icelandic Wiener
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby ULFsurfer » 02 Jul 2012 23:18

    Hello the other Eternity & welcome. Now we have two eternities here.
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby Freakzilla » 03 Jul 2012 09:08

    :text-welcomeconfetti: :text-welcomeconfetti:
    Paul of Dune was so bad it gave me a seizure that dislocated both of my shoulders and prolapsed my anus.
    ~Pink Snowman
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby SandRider » 03 Jul 2012 13:45

    Welcome. Your Water is Ours.

    ................ I exist only to amuse myself ................

    I personally feel that this message board, Jacurutu, is full of hateful folks who don't know
    how to fully interact with people.
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby Serkanner » 03 Jul 2012 15:02

    Welcome Home!
    "... the mystery of life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience."

    “There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”

    Sandrider: "Keith went to Bobo's for a weekend of drinking, watched some DVDs,
    and wrote a Dune Novel."
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby Eyes High » 03 Jul 2012 18:51

    What fear is there in the night?
    Nothing, but that which is in our own imaginations.
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    Eyes High
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby walker in eternity » 05 Jul 2012 08:02

    Thanks to everyone who posted for the kind welcome. I hope to get to know you all better over the coming weeks.
    walker in eternity
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby lotek » 05 Jul 2012 09:07

    hopefully you won't regret it :)
    Spice is the worm's gonads.
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby trang » 08 Jul 2012 08:23

    well met and welcome.
    "Long Live the Fighters", "Dragon.....the other white meat."


    "Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free.
    But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.."
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    Re: Sandwalking

    Postby rattinox » 11 Jul 2012 15:03

    I look for Things. Things I need. Things that make me Go.....
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