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    Well, hello!

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    Re: Well, hello!

    Postby grandmastercrafter » 25 Jan 2011 17:22

    Baraka Bryan wrote:
    grandmastercrafter wrote:
    Baraka Bryan wrote:
    grandmastercrafter wrote:
    Freakzilla wrote::hand:

    ? to me or Baraka?

    probably doesn't matter anyways :P I was just being tongue-in-cheek with my comments either way ;)

    LOL - well I hope you appreciate the thought I put into my reply :lol: no worries (the pattern to the randomness was me finding the threads I had not responded to since my last bunch of posts and posting greetings - my apology that it took months - I've been keeping busy offline)

    haha no need to apologize. I just felt like being passive aggressive for a bit... the smiley was an afterthought. I was away from here for over a year because I was so busy, but am glad to be back, and people who are welcoming like you are what make this community great.


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