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    Allo allo!

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    Allo allo!

    Postby The Red Duke » 27 Jun 2010 00:39

    Hello all. I found this page for Orthodox Herbertarians, and thought I should join since that's exactly what I am.

    I've never been a member of any other Dune forum, but I read the Legends series and wasn't a huge fan. I tried to read the direct prequels and couldn't get into them. So I wandered the sands of Arrakis for many years before I found Jacurutu, and now I feel like I've found home. :P

    Pretty much this is my 'official' greeting to the forum. Hello all.
    I have a special seat in my house that is designed to let me shit in a bowl of fresh water. I am the 1%.
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    The Red Duke
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Renegade Rev Mother » 27 Jun 2010 01:48

    Welcome home, Lost Brother!
    "Our test is crisis and observation."
    "U tishuf hatt al-hudud / alman albaid. / Ayway libarr / adam almalum / tishuf liani..."
    "Bless the Maker and His water. Bless His coming and His going. May His passing cleanse the world, may He keep the world for His people. Bi-la kaifa!"
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    Renegade Rev Mother
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby SandChigger » 27 Jun 2010 02:40

    Achlan wasachlan! :)
    I have heard of only one mistake that doesn’t have an explanation for a careful reader...with an open mind. (And, no, I’m not going to tell you what it is!) —KJA

    I don't like every writer's style; for instance, I have never been able to get through Ursula LeGuin, China Mieville, or Iain Banks, all of whom are critical darlings. —KJA

    I...had written a bunch of Star Wars and X-Files books...that proved not just that I'm a hack, but that I could write in somebody else's universe... —KJA
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Omphalos » 27 Jun 2010 03:18

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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby lotek » 27 Jun 2010 03:28

    welcome to the Cast Out!
    Spice is the worm's gonads.
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Serkanner » 27 Jun 2010 04:41

    Welcome Home!
    "... the mystery of life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience."

    “There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”

    Sandrider: "Keith went to Bobo's for a weekend of drinking, watched some DVDs,
    and wrote a Dune Novel."
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby A Thing of Eternity » 27 Jun 2010 04:53

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    A Thing of Eternity
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby inhuien » 27 Jun 2010 06:14

    hihihi The Red Duke :D
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Tleszer » 27 Jun 2010 08:25

    Welcome! :orcs-buttshake:
    DUNE, as interpreted by a blue man with a green tushie
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Freakzilla » 27 Jun 2010 08:39

    May you die on Caladan!
    Paul of Dune was so bad it gave me a seizure that dislocated both of my shoulders and prolapsed my anus.
    ~Pink Snowman
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Nekhrun » 27 Jun 2010 08:55

    "If he was here to discuss Dune, he sure as hell picked a dumb way to do it." -Omphalos :character-cookiemonster:

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! -James C. Harwood

    "Three of my videos have over 100 views."
    "Over 500 views for my 'Open Question' video." -Nebiros
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    Icelandic Wiener
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby Eyes High » 27 Jun 2010 21:07

    Welcome wandering one.
    What fear is there in the night?
    Nothing, but that which is in our own imaginations.
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    Eyes High
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby A Little Galach » 28 Jun 2010 10:13

    A Little Galach
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby DuneFishUK » 28 Jun 2010 14:51

    Welcome :)
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    Re: Allo allo!

    Postby merkin muffley » 29 Jun 2010 11:53

    "I must admit, you have an astonishingly good idea there, Doctor...."
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    merkin muffley
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