Songs of Muad'dib

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Songs of Muad'dib

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I didn't know Brian Herbert tried to cash in on his father's legacy even before he was seduced by comb-over. I just found a book he was the editor of, titled: Songs of Muad'dib (1992) ... 044177427X

And from the reviews we can make up that he tried to make a few bucks by just copy-pasting his father's work . Pathetic. get a few pages in and wonder why you're standing there in the middle of nowhere. A number of the chosen passages come off as random and uninspiring. And where are the illustrations? If you're a diehard DUNE fan and find "Songs of Muad'Dib" at a used bookstore somewhere for $3 or less, OK sure. Pick it up. But otherwise just go read five random pages of DUNE. That's probably more text contained in this entire book.

It's just quotations from the books and some illustrations.

Inside there is a little collection of poems, most from de Dune saga. Not worth the price they selling it.

The five star reviews:

Book arrived in excellent condition.

Good book of verse. It's a mixture of Dune and other stories by Frank Herbert
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Re: Songs of Muad'dib

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It's a slim book, and since it's formatted like a book of poetry there's not much text per page. And yes, a lot of it consists of poems that occur in the Dune series and other of his novels.

But it also includes a number of poems by Frank Herbert that have/had not been published elsewhere, or are hard to find. That includes "Carthage" and several poems for Bev.

Given that Frank Herbert read and wrote poetry throughout his career, I think a book devoted to his poems is justified. Unfortunately, the book also makes it clear that he was not a very good poet.

Is it worth buying? Only for a serious Frank Herbert fan. Do I think Brian Herbert deserves any kind of blame for editing and publishing the collection? Absolutely not.
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Re: Songs of Muad'dib

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Cpt. Aramsham wrote:Do I think Brian Herbert deserves any kind of blame for editing and publishing the collection? Absolutely not.
No, he has other crimes to answer for first.
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