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Chapter 34

Posted: 08 Mar 2008 21:43
by Freakzilla
Ish yara al-ahdab hadbat-you. (A hunchback does not see his own hunch. -- Folk
Saying.) Bene Gesserit Commentary: The hunch may be seen with the aid of
mirrors but mirrors may show the whole being.

-The Bashar Teg

Odrade goes to a cafeteria reserved for Reverend Mothers and is soon joined by Bellonda who informs her Tam and Sheeana will be along soon. Normally disheveled Bell appears neat and tidy and has lost weight. Odrade mentions it and Bell says fat was slowing her down too much but she doesn't buy that. Bell says it's because Sheeana has been prodding her to take care of herself and broaden her circle of friends, she's just doing it to get her off her back. She tells Bell she is going to put Murbella through the agony and call a convocation. Tam arives and Bell informs her of this. Sheeana arrives and comments on the way Murbella walks, no wasted movements, Odrade hopes she will not be the type that choses the easy way every time. Her council insists the Agony will sort that out. Bell asks if they're making a mistake and Odrade realizes that Bell has figured out her plan, and asks if she has a better one. Odrade says that suppressing emotion is a weakness, Tam doesn't object as one would expect an older sister to. Love is what the Bene Gesserit are about, why else would they care for the maturation of humanity?

Odrade decides to take Tam and Dortjula to Junction with her. She will Share with Bell and Tam will Share with Sheeana, now. Whatever Sheeana is hiding will be judged by Tam. Sheeana draws back in fear but can't disobey Mother Superior. She withdraws with tears in her eyes, Tam tells her it's OK, we all have fears and sometimes do foolish things because of them, she is pleased to call her sister. She doesn't tell Odrade what it was, but Odrade trusts Tam. Tam would never betray the Sisterhood. Sheeana is the most human of all of them, but she still wishes she hadn't created "The Void".

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