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Chapter 45

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 12:05
by Freakzilla
The world is for the living. Who are they?
We dared the dark to reach the white and warm.
She was the wind when the wind was in my way.
Alive at noon, I perished in her form.
Who rise from the flesh to spirit know the fall:
The word outleaps the world and light is all.

-Theodore Roethke (Historical Quotations: Dar-es-Balat)

Teg becomes the whirlwind and kills Muzzafar, the Honored Matre and everyone he encounter on his way out of the command center and doesn’t stop until he’s about five miles away. He then makes his way to a restaurant where he knows he can meet a contact. There a waiter dresses his wounds and takes his order. The waiter is surprised to see him in full uniform knowing the Honored Matres hunt him. After his meal he meets with his contact who he asks to take him to a tavern where he can meet with many of his former soldiers. There, he asks them to help him capture a no-ship from The Scattering.

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