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Chapter 22

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by Freakzilla
Quite naturally, holders of power wish to suppress wild research. Unrestricted
questing after knowledge has a long history of producing unwanted competition.
The powerful want a "safe line of investigations," which will develop only those
products and ideas that can be controlled and, most important, that will allow
the larger part of the benefits to be captured by inside investors.
Unfortunately, a random universe full of relative variables does not insure such
a "safe line of investigations."

-Assessment of Ix, Bene Gesserit Archives

Tuek meets with Odrade to discuss the Atreides Manifesto, Waff and face dancers listen in the next room. Tuek calls it heresy and says that his religion is the only true belief. Odrade knows the Tleilaxu is listening and this should enrage him. Odrade informs him that she has sent for Bashar Teg to beef up Rakis' defenses. Odrade tells Tuek to bring in the listener from the other room. Tuek insists that he had no choice, Waff represents the Ixians and the Fish Speakers as well as the Tleilaxu and promised Tuek he would help get Sheean back. Waff enters with two Face Dancers whom Odrade orders to be left outside. Again, Tuek calls the Manifesto heresy and Odrade informs him that it is being spread far and wide by the Tleilaxu, Waff denies authorship. Odrade deduces that Waff plans to murder them both and says so. As she does, Waff fires his dart throwers. He kills Tuek but Odrade dodges and while doing so breaks both his arms. The Face Dancers enter but Odrade has Waff order them to leave. Odrade knocks Waff out and sets his broken bones and improvises splints. When he awakes, she informs him that they are now allies. She deduces that the Tleilaxu are trying to extablish a spice monopoly which would force the Guild to buy more navigation machines from Ix, but this isn't their whole plan. Waff is suicidal and Odrade whispers to him that the Shariat still needs him, to which he gasps. The gasp confirms Bene Gesserit analysis. Odrade hears some priest arrive outside the door, they will probably suggest that a Face Dancer take Tuek's place, anything else would cause too much trouble. Waff asks what the Bene Gesserit stand to gain from this alliance. She replies, their survival and an end to those who do not share the Great Belief. Waff is elated, the Bene Gesserit are not powinda!

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