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Chapter 20

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 19:10
by Freakzilla
What social inheritances went outward with the Scattering? We know those times
intimately. We know both the mental and physical settings. The Lost Ones took
with them a consciousness confined mostly to manpower and hardware. There was a
desperate need for room to expand driven by the myth of Freedom. Most had not
learned the deeper lesson of the Tyrant, that violence builds its own limits.
The Scattering was wild and random movement interpreted as growth (expansion).
It was goaded by a profound fear (often unconscious) of stagnation and death.

-The Scattering: Bene Gesserit Analysis (Archives)

Odrade is laying by the window in her new rooms above the Great Square, waiting for the Priests to return Sheeana. The new rooms were appointed to her for the purpose of guarding Sheeana while keeping her accessable to both Priests and the Sisterhood. Evening is approaching and a crowd is gathering below. The Priests are late returning Sheeana, as usual. Her immediate task is to exorcise the missinformation about the Sisterhood in Sheeana. She sympathizes with her and recalls the same missinformed thoughts she had as a child. Becoming a Reverend Mother requires long hours of painfull exercises and many fail to make it past this stage. It took some postulants fifty years to become a Reverend Mother. She begins to feel emotional and warns herself not to love Sheeana. The Priests have stretched their tardiness to it's limits, she decides she will punish them if she has to wait much longer. She feels excitement about what Taraza's latest report reveals about the Tleilaxu. A group of naked dancers begin to perform in the Great Square below. She's read about the performance but this is the first time she's seen it in person. They call it Siaynoq, it is what had become of Leto II's most sacred ritual. The origins of the dance lay in the Fremen method of walking on the sand without rythym so not to attract a worm. The dance always ends in the performers being beaten to death by the spectators. Sheeana's escort appears then and make their way through the square as the chaos surrounding the dancers increases. The crowd surges and tramples the dancers as Sheeana makes her way into the building. The chaos subsides and people begin to go about their business. Sheeana burst into the room laughing. She asks Odrade if she saw the dancers, she thinks they were beautifull and that Shaitan would never eat them. This brings a realization to Odrade that the dance is a subconscious language developed out of necessity. Now she knows how to trap the Tleilaxu and she knows more of Taraza's design. When Waff arrives, they will all go into the desert together.

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