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Chapter 17

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 19:09
by Freakzilla
The basic rule is this: Never support weakness; always support strength.
-The Bene Gesserit Coda

Odrade has set up a command center in Sheeana's quarters after they broke the attack a few hours before. Odrade notices that the room has an irregular shape. It had been constructed to carry sounds through the ventilator to the next room. She uses hand signals to send an acolyte to find out who is listening. Sheeana is impatient for Odrade to answer her questions. She tries to calm Sheeana with voice but she resists. She wants to know what the Bene Gesserit will do to punish the attackers. Ordade has sent the typical Bene Gesserit message to Ix, Guild and Tleilaxu, "You will pay". A punishment is being fashioned. A communication acolyte brings a message from Taraza. The Tleilaxu are key, cut off the Rakian source of spice to the Guild. The Tleilaxu Master of Masters is in route to Rakis, trap him. Sheeana asks about face dancers, Odrades notes that the new ones are much harder to detect but they still give off their unique smell. Odrade orders the listeners in the next room killed. Sheeana gets irrate with Odrade and orders her to teach her Voice. Sheeana has already learned a limited form of Voice on her own. Odrade tells her that she is here to teach her, but not at her command. Sheeana is upset that Odrade doesn't obey her. Odrade tells her the priests obey her out of fear because they think she comes from God. A messanger tells Odrade the listeners were priests, minions of Tuek, and they have been killed. Sheeana says she is from god because Shaitan spares her. Odrade wants to know why she calls him Shaitan, she says it's because of how they met and that's a secret. Sheeana says she knows how to keep a secret, Odrade tells her she's glad she won't have to teach her that. Sheeana insists that she teach her everything. Odrade uses the full power of Voice on her finally and puts Sheeana in her place. After more than a minute, Sheeana recovers and tells Odrade how glad she is that she is here.

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