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Chapter 32

Posted: 01 Mar 2008 12:43
by Freakzilla
Groups tend to condition their surroundings for group survival. When they
deviate from this it may be taken as a sign of group sickness. There are many
telltale symptoms. I watch the sharing of food. This is a form of communication,
an inescapable sign of mutual aid which also contains a deadly signal of
dependency. It is interesting that men are the ones who usually tend the
landscape today. They are husband-men. Once, that was the sole province of

-The Stolen Journals

Reverend Mother Anteac is writing a report for Chapterhouse, appologizing for it being writen in haste, she leaves for Ix tomorrow, but she must report on a strange meeting she's just had with Hwi Noree. She had come to her with an escort of 100 Fish Speakers heavily armed with lasguns and grenades. Hwi tells her that she intends to marry Lord Leto and not to tell anyone. Hwi has been ordered to recall all the details of her childhood to Anteac. She is going to Ix to investigate them making a machine that may be able to shield people from Leto's prescience.

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